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Company news

New turbine projects for Italian Small Hydro Power Plants

We have started production of two Kaplan`s turbines for Italian Investor.

SHPP CALUSO ALTO – will be equipped with vertical Kaplan turbine with rotor diameter 1020 mm. The nominal head is 8.7 meters.

SHPP CALUSO BASSA – will be equipped with horizontal tubular Kaplan turbine with rotor diameter 1090 mm. The nominal head is 5.6 meters.

New investment project in WTW company

On the beginning of January 2017 we have finished installation of new crane with capacity of 16 tons and span 17 meters in our production facility. The crane has a remote control. Thank`s to it now we are able to produce and assembly turbines with rotor diameter up to 2140 mm.

Construction of CHERTKOV hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine

We have commenced works on horizontal Kaplan turbine, equipped with d = 1640 mm diameter rotor, for Chertkov hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine.

Delivery, installation and start up of a turbines at LOSOSIANKA hydroelectric power plant ( Belarus )

At June 2016, installation works were finished in Lososianka hydroelectric power plant (Belarus). In this interesting site two Semi-Kaplan siphon turbines were installed with rotor diameter 720 mm. The building is located on right bank above outlet from the dam.

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